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Distractions and redeeming time

My little one squeaks for a bottle. I prepare the bottle, pick her up, wrap her in a blanket...and grab my phone... Why? Why have my phone. Well, since I am taking the time to sit down, I thought I should check my email, too. And Facebook. And maybe see if I have any moves ready on Words with Friends.So, Squeak drinks her bottle and falls asleep with a distracted mom. How sad. What a waste of time. Sickening. Thank you, Lord, for having the grace to show me what I was Read More

Yup, it’s me!

Oh, Adam was a gardener, And God who made him sees That half a proper gardener's work Is done upon his knees. ~Rudyard Kipling   Now nobody fall over...I'm back! And I have a renewed vision for this blog as well as a great schedule! There is so much going on that I really wanted to start sharing again. SInce I spend most of my time on facebook, I wassn't sure how to go about this. Then I remembered the "share" option! WHOOT! So here goes: Today, I want to talk about Homesteading. Read More


Okay, so I do try to feed my family healthy, but with a busy week ahead I decided to buy the quick oat packets, you know...the flavored ones? That seemed like a fairly healthy choice that anyone can put together and eat quickly without much mess. Have you ever read the ingredients? There are the usual perservatives and flavor enhancers that I  always wish weren't there. But you want to know what else? In the peaches and cream flavored one, I read the front and it said "artifically Read More

I’m Back!

Not going to catch up...just start from here. First a great story...and my new motto. Yesterday one of my foster sons had a great line that I thought I'd share. He had eaten all his dinner and had also eaten his cookie. He then told me, "Mom, I ate my cookie all up so now I get dessert!" Great philosophy...think I may use that very one on a hard day! Otherwise, we are staying so very busy with all these little ones added to the pot. Two 3 year olds, one 4 year old and one 5 year old Read More

Probably entirely useless ramblings….

Oh boy, do I have alot to say today! Guess I shouldn't have been silent all those days between postings First of all, I can't believe it! I got accepted into the TOS Marketing Class! Oh my goodness, I'm scared to death! I read Nancy Carter's blog post about when she was accepted into the class years ago. What an encouragement to know that she was so scared at first, too! So, the next month will be busy for me. Can I do it? I reckon I'll have to! It is exciting, but I hope I don't let anyone Read More