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How to Plant Asparagus

  Do you ever have a job that you know you need to do but it scares you silly? That is exactly what happened when the asparagus I ordered in the mail arrived. Now, there is no rhyme or reason for my apprehension. I understand that. But I had to seriously talk my fears down before I could get it planted. So just for you (in hopes I'm not the only one with irrational fears), I wanted to write this little tutorial to show just how easy planting asparagus can be. Now, before Read More

Excited and a little bit sad…

We have chicks being born in the incubator today. When I woke to hear chirping, I was so excited! But now, I am a bit sad. We have only one chick who has hatched so far. And it desperately needs its mama. It keeps wobbling around the incubator chirping. When I open the incubator to peek in, it comes stumbling as quickly as it can over to me! It needs a mama. Any biblical application? I'll be thankful when some others are born so they can be with this little guy. Reminds me of the story, "Are Read More

What is going on around here?

In Alaska, most folks think that there is not much to farm in the winter. Thankfully, that is so far from the truth! Right now, we have eggs in the incubator that will hatch around the 6th of January. We also have a new sunroom that Gene has built that we are working on.We will fill this room up with plants that need a head start. But, from June-December, it will be my room. :) And, I am placing my order today for our heirloom tomatoes and peppers as well as the pansy and lobelia seed Read More

Another Homestead Story

Okay, since I posted this morning about the beginnings of our homestead adventure, it has set me to thinking about when we started all this. There is one more story I want to share today. There are actually 2, but I will keep it to 1 right now. This one is about foundations. When my husband started building the house, we built it on pilings ( think that's what you call it...kindof like stilts). The goal was to pour the foundation later that summer and set the house down on the foundation before Read More

Our Homestead Story

This is funny! I was writing about how hard it was living without electricity and how much better it is now. Nice long blog with lots of details. I was about halfway done and the power went out. At least the generator was consistent and I was in charge of when it went off and on:-) I'm not in the mood to write all that again so I'm going to sum it up. I will write in detail how we went about homesteading gradually, but I want to give an overview today. We bought our place with nothing on it Read More