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Today,  I join a challenge.

Jeannie over at Honey Milk Heirlooms has posted a challenge that is not only going to be profitable, but inspirational, too. It is keeping a Proverbs 31 Heart. She said to choose 1 or 2 categories, but I am already working on 3 so I will post them all. This is just so exciting. These are areas I am working on, but I never thought to post it here for accountability. Maybe if I get really brave, I"ll post pictures of my progress:-)
Okay, here goes:

For My Lord: This one really speaks to my heart. We’ve just been surviving lately without any vision or direction from our Lord. All of us. I’ve been able to read my daily bible lately and it is overwhelming to me how humanity works, and it scares me because I’m just like them. In Joshua, the Israelites were victorius. They were listening to God and following Joshua’s leadership whole heartedly. Then in Judges, they started going off on their own. It says several times that they did what was right in their own eyes. Boy, that’s me. So, I plan to keep reading and praying for wisdom. Looking to the Lord for my answers instead of my own notions.

Managing the Cleaning: I have 2 areas for this. First of all, I am committed to cleaning thoroughly the laundry room. This involves putting our heavy snow stuff in the crawl space and cleaning out the cupboards. I have some old canned goods that I need to feed to the pigs and make space for new this year. Everything will fit in there, but I have to use my space wisely. It will most likely be Saturday night before I’m through, but I know I can do it!
The second area is outside. There is so much to do out there, but if I can just get the strawberry beds cleaned up and the wildflower patch ready, I will be content this week. I think I can…I think I can…I think I can:-)

For the Family: We have decided to implement "date night" with each of our kids. One day per week, we take one of them aside for something special. They get to choose who they want to be with, either their dad or me, and they get to choose what we do. It can’t cost much and needs to be somewhat close to home. We start with Meg this week. We’ll see what she has planned! What I haven’t told them is that while she is gone, we’re going to do something special for her here. If she chooses to go with me, Gene and the boys are going to work on her horse trailer to continue fixing it up. If she goes with her dad, then the boys and I will snazz up her room. Should be a blessing to her. Weekly, this is what we will do with each of the kids. Then the 4th week, Gene and I get a turn.

Are you ready for a challenge? Link over here to check out Jeannie’s blog and join in!

Have a blessed day,


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3 thoughts on “”

  • Great to see you join us this week for the challenge, sounds like you got some great goal here to try and implement for this week and your life, all that will be positive ones for everyone. Let me know if there is a particular one you would like to be prayed for.

  • I know you can! LOL I'm praying for your success this week. What a wonderful idea having the date night with each of the kids. I'm sure they are going to love spending the extra time with you and hubby and the extra "surprise" that comes after!!

    Love ya,


  • Hey Girl,

    I know its been a while since you lasted posted, but I wanted to encourage ya to keep up with the challenge, even if it may not seem you are getting them all done, I am sure for the most part the tasks themselves are getting accomplished, just have faith it will all get done in due time( as long as you are still striving for the goal). Have a blessed weekend!


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