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What a Blessing!

I have been looking for something to spice up our learning in the OT. God has heard my prayers and has blessed this tired old mom who is suffering from the WORST case of spring fever.

Amy Pak has an OT downloadable lapbook that looks way too fun. I just can’t wait to get the email saying my payment has gone through so I can download it. I think my kids will love something refreshing and new, too.

Right now we are studying Joshua with a chapter a day. I found study sheets from that have been very informative. I just feel so blessed to know that the creator of the Universe heard my prayers for my little family and is helping me to finish our school year with some enthusiasm.

What else is going on around here? Not much. The horse trainer can’t come today because it is just way too muddy. I think Meg and I will hook the trailer up to our old truck today and practice loading and unloading Sarg. He does pretty good, but he’s not had to stay in the trailer for any time before, just get in…travel…get out. I think we’ll start working on him just hanging out in the trailer awhile as he’ll have to do that sometimes, too.

Dusty still hasn’t gotten his guitar. Hopefully today…Who would have thought that I’d have to pay $50 for shipping for something that didn’t arrive for over 2 weeks. Rediculous, I think. We’ll start tracking today.

Cam has been outside with his metal detector finding all sorts of treasures that have been buried in the snow all winter. So far, he’s found  fifty cents and lots of nails. He was calculating yesterday how much he’d have by the end of summer if he found fifty cents per day:-)

It’s been so sunny and warm here. I’ve been drying things out on the line. How wonderful! I have to go out there in my boots because it is so muddy outside but I’ll not complain. Spring is finally here.

Guess that’s it. Hope you-all are well.

God Bless,


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