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Another Homestead Story

Okay, since I posted this morning about the beginnings of our homestead adventure, it has set me to thinking about when we started all this. There is one more story I want to share today. There are actually 2, but I will keep it to 1 right now.

This one is about foundations. When my husband started building the house, we built it on pilings ( think that’s what you call it…kindof like stilts). The goal was to pour the foundation later that summer and set the house down on the foundation before it got too far. Cement is expensive and we had to earn a little more before we could afford it. Well, the house ended up roughed in and we were living in it and no foundation. That winter we had a huge windstorm. When you hear about Alaska, you hear about the snow, cold, and dangerous animals…no-one ever mentions wind storms-why not? We get hurricane force winds up here. Anyway, we had a big windstorm. We were a bit concerned about the house as it didn’t have a firm foundation to cling to.

Okay, now I have to give you some quick background. My husband and I were married and had kids before we became believers. See, we started our marriage without a foundation, too. And when the storms of life came, we realized we were nothing without Christ. I had heard the bible stories about the man that built his house on the sand vs the man who built his house on the rock and even sung the song with my kids. It had never quite hit home until that windstorm and I thought of our house being built without foundation. I realized just how precarious it can be! It was downright dangerous and scary. 

Our whole process has been like that. A house building journey is a faith building journey for sure. I hope this has, again, inspired you to stay in the center of His will and He will work out the details.

By the way, we do now have a foundation. We also have power, DSL, every imaginable convenience except a dishwasher–automatic one, I mean!

Wanna hear about our windows?

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2 thoughts on “Another Homestead Story”

  • homesteadinthemaking January 16, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    Yes, please tell us more. I love your foundation analogy.



  • A gear analogy! Truly, He is our Rock and our Hiding Place. God bless!

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