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Vitamin D

What is the purpose of Vitamin D?
What does it do for the body?
What are the food sources for vitamin D?

I have wondered about Vitamin D recently because of my mood this time of year. Here in Alaska, there is always talk about the lack of sunlight in winter and the effect it has on us.

A summary of what I learned from a google search is this:

Vitamin D is important for several reasons. It is known for its aid in absorbing calcium but as a result of newer studies, it seems there is so much more it does for a body. It may also help decrease the risk of heart disease, and boost immune system function including fighting everything from the common cold to cancer. There even may be links to lowering blood pressure, preventing periodontal disease, help with symptoms of MS, lessen muscle aches and bone pain, and most interesting to me, depression.

It just makes sense to me. I don’t claim to be a doctor or have all the information, but when you look at lifestyles today, it seems depression is directly linked to sunlight and possibly Vitamin D. As people move inside for work and we are warned to stay out of the sun, depression and dependence on anti-depressants is increasing. Also, originally being from Oregon, I know that several dreary days in a row can make me a bit blue. Then there are winters in Alaska. Old man winter tends to stick around way too long! We do get outside for chores, and to skate, sled and ski, but the vitamin content in the sun is just not enough.

I found it interesting to know that the only natural food sources of Vitamin D are fatty fish, liver, and egg yolk. I thought there was also natural vitamin d in raw milk, but I couldn’t find a source that supported that idea.
The best source I could find for Vitamin D are cod liver oil first, then wild salmon. hmmm, maybe that helps explain the subsistance diet the natives lived on for so long!

The more I look into the human body and the way it works, the more amazed I am at our Creator. He didn’t miss a thing. I am deeply thankful that God has given us the brain to learn more about how to equip these bodies of ours to live longer to glorify Him. Sometimes I wish for the energy to spread His Word 24/7.

My prayer for the day and the weekend is this:

Ps 19:14 May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock, and my Redeemer.



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4 thoughts on “Vitamin D”

  • My mom and I were just talking about Vit D yesterday and the details of our bodily needs. We do indeed have an awesome God! There's a reason that when He created the sun He declared that it was "good". : )

  • I have always loved that verse. It signifies the craving I have to be closer to the Father daily.

    The symptoms you are having sound very similar to a disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorde. SAD is a disorder which often affects persons live in extreme climate locations such as Alaska and Norway, generally thought to be caused by the lack of regular patterns of day and night. It is believed that it causes difficulty with the body's ability to control circadian rhythm, or the natural sleep-wake pattern. This process causes mood swings, sleep problems, irritability and depression. While most people don't realize it, it can have some very bad long term health effects. There are some very simple ways to treat it, including the changes in diet you have listed and some mineral supplements. The addition of the introduction of an artificial light source that mimics the sun can be very helpful as well. From what I have read, it can make a huge change in how you feel.

    A very good website with more information is

    I hope it helps! God bless!


  • As iron sharpens iron… that's why we're here, right? :) Good to "meet" you too! We're in northern WA State and so experience a touch of "sun-hunger" this time of year also, although nothing like you true northerners I'm sure. My b'day is the 7th and I'll be… gulp… 30!! Sort of looking forward to it as my oldest is turning 9 and so people always seem shocked when I tell them I'm still in my 20s. I've also got more gray hairs than I "should", but they're supposed to be indicators of wisdom, right?

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