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How to Plant Asparagus

How to plant asparagus


Do you ever have a job that you know you need to do but it scares you silly?

That is exactly what happened when the asparagus I ordered in the mail arrived.

Now, there is no rhyme or reason for my apprehension. I understand that. But I had to seriously talk my fears down before I could get it planted.

So just for you (in hopes I’m not the only one with irrational fears), I wanted to write this little tutorial to show just how easy planting asparagus can be.

Now, before you start ordering, please be sure to research the internet to find out what types will do well in your area and what specific varieties will meet your needs.

Are you ready?

First, you need to choose your spot. Choose carefully. Hopefully, your asparagus bed will be in the same place for 10, 15, even 20 years! You need a place that gets lots of good, warm, spring sun that has nice deep soil and is away from any intrusive plants. You will need to clean up your bed to get all of the weeds out before planting.

To prepare your ground, you need to dig a trench 8-10 inches deep. About as deep as your shovel if you are using a full sizes shovel.

First you dig a deep trench


Once your trench has been dug, you need to sprinkle some lime in the trench.

Asparagus trench with lime scattered













Once you have scattered the lime, you simply start laying out your asparagus. Lay them out about 18″ apart. I didn’t measure. I simply laid the plant down and laid the crown at the end of the root of the last plant.


Lay the asparagus down with the crown facing up


As you lay them down, cover the plant with enough dirt to completely cover the root but leave the very tip of the crown showing.


Asparagus planted with crown showing


Once you have completed your row, water well and wait.


((I didn’t take pictures of the last few steps))


As your asparagus grows, keep gradually filling in your trench with the dirt until you finally have replaced all of the dirt and your garden is nice and flat again.


Do not attempt to harvest the first year. Simply allow the plants to grow and grow. Make sure they get plenty of water for the first two years. After that, they can withstand some neglect.


Do not harvest any asparagus for the first two years so the roots can establish themselves well.



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