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Distractions and redeeming time


My little one squeaks for a bottle.

I prepare the bottle, pick her up, wrap her in a blanket…and grab my phone...

Why? Why have my phone.

Well, since I am taking the time to sit down, I thought I should check my email, too. And Facebook. And maybe see if I have any moves ready on Words with Friends.

So, Squeak drinks her bottle and falls asleep with a distracted mom.

How sad.

What a waste of time.


Thank you, Lord, for having the grace to show me what I was missing. And what SHE needs!

I was missing the opportunity to talk to her and make her grin while she is trying to eat.

Missing watching her watch me, the all important eye contact.

Missing lashes meeting as her blue eyes surrender to their heaviness.

Do you have areas where electronics are getting the attention that a human needs or deserves?

Here is your challenge for this week: Pay attention. To someone with a heartbeat. And leave the electronic behind. At least once. :)

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