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Excited and a little bit sad…

We have chicks being born in the incubator today. When I woke to hear chirping, I was so excited! But now, I am a bit sad. We have only one chick who has hatched so far. And it desperately needs its mama. It keeps wobbling around the incubator chirping. When I open the incubator to peek in, it comes stumbling as quickly as it can over to me! It needs a mama. Any biblical application?

I’ll be thankful when some others are born so they can be with this little guy. Reminds me of the story, “Are You My Mother?” He has no clue who his mom is, but he’s willing to take just about anyone.
Pix to come.


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2 thoughts on “Excited and a little bit sad…”

  • I love that book! My boys wanted to hear it all the time. I am sorry about your chick, we usually buy some when one of our hens start to sit and slip them underneath her. Maybe the others will hatch soon. By the way, I love your picture above :O)


  • Everyone needs someone… hope the little chic gets some company soon. My girls also liked that book.

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