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What is going on around here?

In Alaska, most folks think that there is not much to farm in the winter. Thankfully, that is so far from the truth!

Right now, we have eggs in the incubator that will hatch around the 6th of January.

Day 11 Incubator

We also have a new sunroom that Gene has built that we are working on.We will fill this room up with plants that need a head start. But, from June-December, it will be my room. :)

New Sunroom

And, I am placing my order today for our heirloom tomatoes and peppers as well as the pansy and lobelia seed that needs to be planted in January.

We are thinking of doing some bulb baskets for spring as well. Think they will sell?

The chickens are laying pretty well. We get a dozen eggs per day. From 18 hens, that isn’t too bad, but they only have one small window and a heatlamp. I really don’t expect more from them in the dead of winter. We have a broody hen who faithfully lays on the eggs. She keeps them from freezing until we get down there to collect them.

Broody hen keeps the eggs from freezing.

The horse and cow are mighty fuzzy and have put on quite the winter coat. Every afternoon, Miah and I go down to the barn to give them some attention when we gather the eggs.

Fuzzy winter coat on 'Koda

More to come later, but I wanted to make sure to post what the farm has going on these days.

Kids in front of the filbert harvester

Life is good. :)

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One thought on “What is going on around here?”

  • Love the sunroom– that will be NICE!! Look forward to more posts, Tan!

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