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Yup, it’s me!

Oh, Adam was a gardener,
And God who made him sees
That half a proper gardener’s work
Is done upon his knees.
~Rudyard Kipling


Now nobody fall over…I’m back! And I have a renewed vision for this blog as well as a great schedule! There is so much going on that I really wanted to start sharing again. SInce I spend most of my time on facebook, I wassn’t sure how to go about this. Then I remembered the "share" option! WHOOT!

So here goes:

Today, I want to talk about Homesteading. Many folks would say we are living the homestead lifestyle though I feel we have such a long long way to go. Over the years, we surely have learned a thing or two. It seems like for every ONE thing I learn, I realize TEN more things that I need to learn :-)

I’m reading the book Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian by Herrick Kimball. Though the book is nothing like I expected, I am really enjoying it. It is refreshing, practical, and non-judgemental. The two things that surprised me the most are the fact that he only has 1 and a half acres and that he works outside the home. I can totally relate to this! We only have 10 acres and my husband works outside the home, and I work from home for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. So we don’t totally live off our land either!

Okay, back to the point. One thing that has really impressed me in this book is that he is simply providing for his family with his land. It seems like most books you read on homesteading make you feel guilty if you don’t make a living off your land and become completely self sufficient. Right now, we need to just be focusing on getting our little farm to provide for itself and us. That’s it. We don’t have to have oodles of critters and plants, but it would be great if we had the pantry full of jars of canned goods from our garden and the freezer full of home grown pork, beef, and chicken.

We really do rarely have to buy meat because we do grow our own beef and pork. But we have the pork slaughtered at a butcher because we don’t really know how to do it ourselves. I reckon that’s one of the next thing we need to learn. Also, we dont’ grow our own chicken. We need to work on that. We do cut and process all our moose and beef. and grouse.  But if we knew cuts a little better we might have more variety :-)

On a side note, I haven’t eaten store bought hamburger for a very very long time. Somehow we ended up with some in our freezer so I used it. EEEWWW. The stuff would not break up, it had hard crunchy unidentified something in it (bones maybe?) It had horrible flavor, and it filled the pan with fat and juices that even smelled wierd.

Okay, back to the subject. God has provided an amazing summer for us here in Alaska. We’ve topped 90 degrees multiple times. We have an awesome garden growing! Tomatoes galore, the beans are doing well, it’s really amazing. I am praying this year to be ultra responsible and make use of as much of these things as we can to prepare for a very long winter.

So I guess the moral of this blogpost is to say that  when you have a heart for homesteading, you just need to see where God has you and be content and prayerful about the next step.  Do what you can with what you have. You don’t have to provide all the potatoes for your local community or be renound in your county for your tomatoes. Just provide for your family the best you can and lean hard on God’s provision and Grace.

Happy Homesteading!


PS, here’s another great quote I found in the book :

The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the birds for mirth<
One is nearer God’s heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth
Doris Frances Gurney



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2 thoughts on “Yup, it’s me!”

  • Hi–I also read the book Deliberate Agrarian by Herrick Kimball and absolutly loved it! Very practical and funny–while we live on 18 acres we also do not totally live off the land or the grid although it is our dream to reach that plateau someday–but I suppose time will tell–right now my dh works outside the home and I stay home and tend to the critters and the house–We have also raised our own pork and chickens–beef is on the list to purchase next–I am very excited to butcher our own–Gotta love the homestead way of life–Nice to meet you!

    Blessings from Oklahoma


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  • I am glad your garden is doing so well. Ours didn't really take off this year and now it is so hot that we are near the end of the spring garden (we might can do a fall garden but I don't know.)

    I enjoy canning but it seems silly to go buy the stuff and then can it – although I do for some things that don't grow locally like apples.

    As for your blog, have you ever thought of enabling the feed? Then people could subscribe to the feed and know when you had posted something new.

    Oh and a blog you might enjoy reading is http://down—to— She does the sustainable farming – there is a another term for it but I can't remember what.


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