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Yep, it’s been a day

When your day starts with chores that were promised to be done left undone, and milk spilled everywhere, you should just go back to bed.

Instead I opted to stay up and burn breakfast. Yep, burned it so bad, even the dog whined when I tried to give it to him…

Then my man called on the way to work to say he was coming back home because his car was acting up….he’d need mine. Now, I usually wouldn’t mind, but we only go out one day a week. I kindof needed to do stuff today. Milk for the co-op, horse riding lessons, foster boys were scheduled for a visitation with their grandma, groceries, food bank, etc.

And the greenhouse collapsed!

We were hoping if we kept it shoveled that it wouldn’t do that. We have gotten so much snow this week. Here’s what it looked like a couple of weeks ago out in the field.


This is this weekend:


Here’s what we did today:

 You know what they say. "When life gives you snow, make a snowman." (Then a cup of cocoa!)

Hope you enjoyed that little tutorial of our winter thus far. Anyone in Jamaica or Hawaii want to trade places?

One last note, I did get my homework assignment turned in on time. That is a relief. The homework just keeps coming, but I’m staying up with it. The ladies in the class as well as the instructors are awesome ladies of God. It is way too fun!

Have a super rest of your day, Keep looking up!


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7 thoughts on “Yep, it’s been a day”

  • Hello, I enjoyed your pics and you all look excited in that snow back ground. As God gives you all needed for your life experience to bring you much Joy and security I trust you will receive all He has for thee. It is Beyond Your Imagination for He can only create it in the extent needed for His will to come forth. Sending positive thoughts your way as each day you are blessed even in a storm. Lovingly, rilda *U*

  • Just look at that snow!! We won't get any snow for another couple months yet and then it's usually only a couple of inches, nothing major.

  • Forgot to say it was I,

    Anne Carter, from your TOS Marketing Class :P

  • Oh my goodness your greenhouse… But hey could you send some snow my way ,,,,lets date that for the month of December though as I would still like to get a few things situated here before then….Ha ha ha


  • Hi, Tandy! I've added you to my friend's list. I'll talk to you later today! By the way, thanks for trying to help with IM last night. I appreciate it!

  • When we get a DROP of rain (which is only once or twice a year) the kids grab coats and umbrellas and run outside to "swim"!!! Ha ha! Please check my Facebook photos and you'll find a picture of my house in the snow and the snowman my kids made…it was less than a foot tall! They had scratched fingertips from trying to collect enough snow! Ha ha ha! Isn't it crazy?

  • Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!


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