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Wanna hear about the birthday party?

I know, I promised a post about why I support Sarah Palin, and also about what God seems to be saying to me these days, but I’m still just not quite ready…So, today I’ll tell you about my 15 yo daughter’s birthday party that is today.

We are picking some of the girls up on our way home from town, others will be driving themselves here. What, you say? You have a daughter old enough to have friends who drive?? Yeah, I can hardly believe it too. Amazingly enough, it’s true. Meg will be getting her permit this next week and Dusty will get his in about 3 weeks! Oh boy, here we go! Here in Alaska, you can get your permit at 14 and drive for 2 years before you get your license.

Anyway, we will be playing some fun games like sucking jello up with a straw, stuffing your mouth with skittles, speedminton, ghost in the graveyard, etc. We are also having Papa Murphy’s pizza….(My fave), so I will hang out with them to eat. Then a sleepover and pancakes for breakfast. Spaghetti for lunch, then they will go home and we will all have a nap:-) Sound like fun. I expect lots of giggling and little sleep around here.

No matter how old girls get, they like to giggle, eat junk food and stay up all night.

In the meantime, we will be swapping out bedrooms because the 2 new ones are ready to move into! Can you believe it? Actually, I got my bedroom all ready and the girls will sleep in there tonight. Yup, I’m giving up the room I have waited 5 years for. But just for one night. They get to spend the first night in my new room:-)

Wish us luck, should be a blessed time, really. These girls are all so neat. They are each seeking God in their own way, which is really exciting to see. Maturity seems to come a little later with girls these days, but they are each trying.

That’s my story..I"ll try to post pix of my bedroom and the party tomorrow. Have a super weekend!


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One thought on “Wanna hear about the birthday party?”

  • You live in Alaska?!?

    Where exactly is Big Lake located?

    Our eldest son just moved to Fairbanks.

    We hope to move up to Alaska soon.

    Any advice for a northern New Yorker headed up?


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