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My On-Demand Hot Water Heater

Trying again…Finished writing this and it erased.

I have been asked to write a post about our on-demand hot water heater. It is an Aquastar by Bosch and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Here are the pros and cons:


Eternal hot water. It never runs out. There are 7 of us and on Saturday evenings, we all shower. And the dishwasher runs and runs, and the hot water just keeps on coming:-)

It only heats the water as you need it so there is no wasted electricity keeping water hot that you don’t need.

It gets hot immediately.


You really can’t run hot water in 2 rooms at one time. It is doable, but noone has any water pressure because the machine isn’t made to put out that much hot water. We don’t mind that at all…after showers, I run the dishwasher right before bed, and all is well.

The other thing that can be bad is that you MUST have the vented cap on the end of the outdoor vent. Our first winter, (we live in Alaska, remember), we didn’t cap the vent and when the wind was screaming and it was 30 below, the tank froze and busted. That was 3 years ago, and my handy hubby fixed it and we’ve been in business every since. Of course, we invested in the cap that would close when the wind blows!

As far as cost, you can get them for anywhere from $500-$2000. We have the inexpensive one, propane with an electric igniter. We use 100 gallons of propane every 4 months, which runs the cookstove and hot water. There are 7 of us, and my stove and hot water are both running quite often.

There you go, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
As an added bonus, I’m also attaching a picture of our first killing frost on the Raspberry leaves. It is so pretty. The first frost was 2 weeks late, which is fine since we didn’t have any summer up here. Winter can just take its time coming.



Hope all is well with you all, my friends. Keep looking up!


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2 thoughts on “My On-Demand Hot Water Heater”

  • Great post Tan! Thank you, you answered my questions about them.


  • thank you! I have forwarded this to my husband too. you are the first person I "know" who actually has one. When dh lived in Russia, all his apartments had them and he has always been a little confused at why Russia (in reality, a 3rd world nation in so many ways, especially where he was) had such a great system and we have huge inefficient water tanks.

    anyway, our tank is about 10 years old, and they are not rated to last much longer than that, so our plan is a tankless when it dies.

    oh – ps – I love that raspberry picture!

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